Available Dataro Predict Models

What predictive models are available with Dataro Predict

Appeals module
  • Appeals cash gift - to increase cash giving for campaign
  • Appeals 24M lapsed donors - to reactivate more lapsed cash supporters
  • Appeals over $500 - to increase cash giving over $500
Regular Giving module
  • Upgrades - to increase upgrade conversions
  • Reactivations- to reactivate more lapsed supporters
  • Regular Giving Churn - to improve regular giving retention

Convert to Regular Giving module

  • Increase conversions from single gifts to regular or recurring giving 

Mid-level Giving module

  • Increase mid-level giving of over $500 or over $1000

Stewardship module

  • Major gifts - to increase major gifts conversion
  • Gifts in Wills - to increase Gifts in Will confirmations

You can find case studies on how other organisations have used Dataro Predict here.