Connect Dataro and Blackbaud CRM

Blackbaud CRM Setup Instructions

It's time to connect with Dataro. Welcome aboard!

Blackbaud CRM is a powerful and more complex system, so here's what we need for the setup.

What we require:

Using your BBCRM System Administrator account, please add a new account with the username: DataroIntegrations and create a strong password using Password Generator | LastPass or similar.

Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with more information on sending this securely to us. 

Once we have these credentials, we can proceed with the setup.

What we will create on your system:

  • We will create multiple Ad-Hoc Queries (depending on your data volume) in order to extract data
  • We will create a number of constituent attributes to store the model scores and rankings

Once we've completed the setup, it's time to proceed with Campaign Tagging.

Tagging all transactions in your database is an important step in generating the right predictions for your donors and you can learn more about process in our article about Campaign Tagging.