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Fundraising Intelligence overview

Reporting and benchmarking dashboards


Fundraising Intelligence is an overview of Dataro’s reporting and benchmarking tool within the Dataro App. Successful fundraising strategies rely on working with data to find and maximise opportunities. The dashboards in Fundraising Intelligence present up to date data from your CRM so you can track progress toward goals and take action to plan adjustments promptly.

You can select reports from a range of different fundraising programs including: Single Giving, Recurring Giving, Appeal Giving, Mid-value Giving, Major Giving and Management reports.

Each fundraising program has a bespoke dashboard that comes with built-in questions to prompt deeper inquiry and help you distil better insights. Click ‘Description & Tips’ above each graph to see these. 

You can also compare performance against organisations that share your cause (i.e. environmental or education), or have similar numbers of donors or annual revenue. Benchmarking data is live so you can identify trends and take advantage of opportunities as they are emerging.

The ‘About’ section to the right of each dashboard will give you a breakdown of Dataro’s Terms and Definitions.


A great feature within Fundraising Intelligence is the ability to benchmark your own data and compare to other similar organisations. We currently have over 210 organisations to compare to with a pool of over 41 million donors!

You can select to benchmark the information you want to see with the options: all organisations, fundraising revenue, the number of active donors or the organisation cause. 

This information will show how you are tracking against other organisations, where you are performing better or areas that need some attention.


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