How to review or update your tagging in the app

Tagging your data and previous campaigns helps us to understand your data better, so our AI can make better predictions.

Dataro uses an active learning system powered by machine learning to support you in the campaign tagging process. This means that you only need to tag a portion of your campaigns but still get accurate results. 

From time to time, you may want to check that the campaign tagging is accurate and you do so by following the steps below. 

Review and update your Campaign tagging inside the app by going to Data Hub > Campaign Tagging > Review Campaign Tagging.

This will present all your campaigns, 10-per-page. Items are ordered so unverified, recent and high-valued campaigns are at the top. You can also filter the whole list using the Search box.

Select Edit to modify or approve an item.

Bulk Tagging

You may find it easier to update or review your tagging in bulk using Excel or a similar tool.

To do so, simply download a CSV from Settings > Campaign Summary > Bulk Download. If you are reviewing Unverified items, you should select Unverified Campaigns Only, then click Download.

N.b. if nothing happens, you may need to let your browser download from 

Once you have downloaded the .csv file, you can open it in Excel or your preferred tool and begin reviewing the items.

If you need to make any changes, please use the override columns (Q & R). Changes made in the O & P columns will not be recorded.


If you are happy with an item, simply leave the override columns empty. If you want to review an item later, simply delete the row from the file.

Once you are happy with the file, save it as csv and then upload it into the app in Settings > Campaign Summary > Bulk Upload.

 You will see a preview of the data in the app (the first 10 rows) and the Upload button will be enabled. When you are ready, hit the Upload button and the changes will be loaded into the system. It may take some time. You will be given a confirmation when the Upload is complete.