My app results aren't showing or don't match with my CRM results

In order to take advantage of all the features in Dataro (including automated results analysis and better tagging) we recommend storing your campaign data in a specific way for each CRM. You can find more information here. If your campaign data is stored incorrectly, campaign results will not show up in the app.

We currently support the following campaign types:

  • Appeal (Mail)
  • Newsletter (Mail)
  • Acquisition (Mail)
  • RG Reactivation (Phone)
  • RG Upgrade (Phone)
  • RG Conversion (Phone)

If the campaign data is stored accurately and is also one of the above campaigns, then the most common reason for campaign reports being inaccurate or not showing is due to a mismatch in campaign tagging. 

Please make sure your campaign has been tagged as one of the above for Campaign > Category and Campaign > Channels. The campaign can be made up of sub-campaigns that have different categories or channels but at least one must be in the above list. This can be updated by following these steps.  

For further support, please reach out to our team by logging a ticket here