What is the Dataro Agent?

The Dataro Agent is a Windows executable that can facilitate data transfer to and from a client-hosted SQL Server instance.

The Agent is small Python program wrapped as a Windows executable using pyinstaller. The program can do the following:
  • Read credentials from an .ini file and use them to connect to SQL Server database.
  • Parse a specially formatted .sql file to run a sequence of queries and export the results.
  • Using credentials in the .ini file and a supplied private key file, connect to the client's account on Dataro's SFTP and upload the files.
  • The Agent can optionally import a propensity file from Dataro's SFTP and load it into a special dataro_propensities table in the database.
  • The Agent can be configured to update a CRM's data directly based on the dataro_propensities custom table.