Campaign Results

Understanding your campaign results and where data is pulling from


Campaign results are available to anyone with an active Predict subscription.

In the Predict tab you are able to find and review your campaign results. A few of the key metrics you will find include: the number of recipients targeted in the campaign, total amount raised and ROI. You can download and export these results to share with your wider team.

Clicking into your campaign will allow you to view graphs and see the accuracy of the Dataro predictions made before the campaign (these results are only available for appeal results). 

The 'Dataro Curve' is what you are looking to see in your graphs to know if Dataro's predictions have worked and will look something like this:


2022-11-11 12.49.52

Dataro uses a process called 'calibration' that allows us to convert our predictive scores into rough probabilities. These are only approximations, but are very useful for interpreting results. So a  Dataro Score of 0.9 should equate to roughly a 90% chance of giving,  score of 0.1 would be a 10% chance of giving, and so on. Of course there is a margin of error (these are only predictions based on your data, after all!), but the trend should be that higher scores correlate with higher response rates.

The graph shows Dataro’s predictions against the actual response rate for the campaign. You can also view the net return of each score band to see which bands are performing well and which may need to be reviewed.

If you have stored your data with sub campaigns you will also be able to see the breakdown of these results here as well as have the option to edit the costs.