Connect Dataro and Blackbaud Raiser's Edge 7 (RE7)

Data transfer from RE7 to Dataro and from Dataro to RE7 is handled by the Dataro Agent. The specific steps for the installation will depend on your hosting configuration.

Integration with RE7 is not currently possible using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), however, Dataro is able to implement a robust integration using the Dataro Agent.

The specific requirements for the setup will depend on your hosting configuration, however, for most installations the Dataro team will require the following to perform the installation:

  • RDP / TeamViewer or similar access to the server that is running the RE7 SQL Server database.
  • A Windows account to log on to that server.
  • A database user for the SQL Server (database username/password authentication, not Windows authentication) that has grants to select from every RE7 table and can insert/update/delete on constituentattributes
  • A RE7 user so we can perform some minor frontend configuration (setting up the new constituent attribute types).

What data is extracted?

The exact tables and fields can be provided on request, however, we are interested in non-personally identifiable information related to Constituents, Gifts, Appeals, Packages, ConstituentAppeals & Actions.