Dataro Predict overview

Dataro Predict is the leading propensity modelling software for not-for-profits, bringing world-shaping technology to causes that deserve it most. We use powerful machine learning technology to generate predictions about how your donors are likely to behave.

From small DM appeals right through to major giving campaigns, Dataro’s AI-powered propensity scoring allows you to identify the best donors with greater precision. Our machine learning draws on hundreds of factors to discover unseen insights in your data.

We integrate with your CRM and generate predictions on a weekly basis that are pushed back to your CRM. The predictions come in the form of ranks and scores which you can learn more about here

We offer a number of modules to suit different fundraising programs. These include Appeals, Recurring Giving, Convert to Recurring Giving, Mid-level, Stewardship Modules. You can see all our models here.

Dataro Predict includes the following features

You can find case studies on how other organisations have used Dataro Predict here.