Mid & Major giving reports

An overview and insights from mid-value and major givers


The mid-value and major giving reports are available to you if you have a mid-value or stewardship Dataro Predict module. These two reports can be found under the Predict tab in your app.

The reports are designed to be tailored to the value band that you define your mid-level and major givers. The purpose of the reports are to showcase the health of your current program and identify and find more prospects to add to that program.

The overview shows the numbers of your current, past and lapsed givers in these programs as well as the total number of prospects you have. You can also see the revenue over the past 12 months and the average gift size.

Within the report you can compare your organisation to similar sized organisations running the mid and major programs through benchmarking. You can view where you are currently sitting in comparison looking at percent of Active Donors and Percent of Total Revenue.


2022-11-11 15.55.52


You can also segment your current donors as well as your prospective donors and break them down by the program they give to, the channel they give to and the tenure (how long they have been active at your organisation).


2022-11-11 16.01.55


You can also identify who your best prospects are. This graph shows a breakdown of prospects ordered by rank, from most likely on the left to least likely on the right, to become a mid-value or a major donor. These can be viewed in both reports in terms of if they are current or past and their average gift size.


2022-11-11 16.03.36

Things to note

The reports include cumulative gifts to the amount you define as a mid-value or major giver. This is to show all of your potential prospects. We include Recurring Giving as part of this report but they can be excluded if requested, please log a ticket here to make that request. 

The number of prospects will include some of your current mid-value and major givers.