Dataro Integration process

It's an easy two-step process to integrate with Dataro

  1. Gaining access to your system and data: Where possible this is done via the CRM vendor's (e.g. Salesforce or Blackbaud) own API. Documentation is available for all currently supported CRMs. 
  2. Campaign and Transaction tagging: Using the Dataro App you will be guided through a process of reviewing the tagging for all your Campaigns. The goal of this is for Dataro to understand how every contribution has made it to your system to ensure our machine learning process interprets your data correctly. This is the single most important thing that can be done to improve model accuracy. You will need to create an account in the Dataro App.

From here on out everything is on our end! Here are the steps that we take to get predictions to you.

  1. Model Building: Using our automated modelling pipeline we process your data and train a suite of models to predict the outcomes you are interested in. We then select appropriate models and use them to generate predictions for your supporters.
  2. Publishing Scores: We now publish scores back to your system so that you may make use of them. These are published as custom fields for each prediction outcome you have ordered.
  3. Continuous Updates: From here on the Dataro system is fully integrated and we will pull new data from your system, produce up-to-date predictions and publish them back to your system on a regular basis (usually weekly).